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By Marggie Moertl | October 7, 2014

Compassion Viewing others through eyes of oneness My life has been filled with much learning, both harsh and loving.  But in the end, it all has lead me to an ever opening heart.  And as I embrace my world with this deepening connection, my perception includes ever growing compassion for others in my life. My personal…

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The Inner Work of Dying

By Marggie Moertl | September 16, 2014

The Inner Work of Dying Our connection deep within as our guide My work with families at the end of life brings me intimately into their walks through this world and from it.  The discussion of the work that is involved in the dying process includes the physical symptoms of pain, weakness, shortness of breath,…

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By Marggie Moertl | September 3, 2014

Renewal Home and Nature I find myself struggling to keep my passion for writing, for sharing, and for beauty flowing freely.  I wonder why any job feels it is appropriate to demand my focus rather than to promote a healthy lifestyle that will radiate back to my worklife.  I am scheduled to work ten hour days,…

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By Marggie Moertl | August 22, 2014

Boundaries True caregiving: myself I’m exhausted today.  Mentally, physically, and especially emotionally.  It has been a tough two weeks as I integrate the demands of my new job into my life.  The problem is, I’m not willing to do that.  In fact, I wonder what is wrong with nursing as a profession;  I have encountered the “hazing”…

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The Forces of Nature

By Marggie Moertl | July 15, 2014

The Forces of Nature Spiritual truths found in nature There has been a lot of news coverage this week of the kayak rescue here in our beautiful Door County WI.  Lake Michigan is a force unto herself, and one I watch closely. After living along the shores of Lake Superior, I have a deep respect for these…

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Home, at last

By Marggie Moertl | July 3, 2014

Home, at last Deep roots for my soul We’ve been living in our new home for over three weeks now, and it continues to delight us!  It is amazing what feeling settled does for my soul, for my feeling of permanence.  We rented for the first year and a half here in Door County while…

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By Marggie Moertl | June 19, 2014

Intuition Guiding my steps I had a long talk recently with a friend as she struggled with her intuition.  It caused me to stop and think; and to define what I consider intuition and its purpose in our lives. So often I hear this innate gift described as something to guide us.  Yes it is that! …

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By Marggie Moertl | May 21, 2014

Changes Life’s Journey An Indigo Bunting has been at our feeder these past weeks, along with a wide variety of other song birds.  Their pallette ranges from the obscure to the brilliant. A simple change of birdseed and our world has been adorned with these visual and auditory gifts.  I sit quietly each morning, listening to the…

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Death and Dying

By Marggie Moertl | May 9, 2014

Death and Dying A return to hospice nursing I love death, dying, and the process of letting go of the physical.  I know that sounds bizarre, but I truly do love these topics.  I just spent the last week with others of like mind, reconnecting to end-of-life care with other nurses, social workers, and chaplains.…

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Embrace Your Inner Self

By Marggie Moertl | April 5, 2014

Tune in wherever you are, whenever you get the chance. Our interior lives are the key to our eternal selves.  Each of us is a unique part of creation, and the whispers within constantly illuminate each step for our journey through this life.  As we learn to quiet ourselves, to “tune in” to the ever…

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