As We Begin This New Year


As we begin this new year

Loss and grief at the holidays

The holiday season is coming to a close.  As we begin our new year, many people feel relief to return to their own lives and schedules.  These weeks of family and friends, festivities and excessive food and drink makes our usual lives feel welcome again.  For some, though, the new year comes following the loss of someone dear to them.  Or for others, an expected death looms on the horizon for the days and weeks ahead.  For these, my prayers and love is sent with you.

Loss and grief are never easy, and must take time and support to slowly integrate these feelings into the new normal.  But a loss at the holidays is even harder, as the rest of the world seems to shout with joy at every turn.  Having experienced this myself, many years ago, I can affirm how lonely and surreal it felt.  I hope that for anyone that is going through this right now, that you can find both close relationships to share this with, but also professional support as you move ahead.

There is a component that I want to touch on; while perhaps loss at Christmas time seems so significant because of the joyous season that others are wrapped in, it also happens because of this joyous season.  As the world celebrates with prayer and gratitude for all, celestial light pours out to our world, and the portal opens ever more fully. Those souls that are close to death, or being called there, much more easily let go and return to their true nature.

I know these words would not have felt helpful to me during my time of loss, but they do now.  I picture the very blessed event that happened in sync with the divine blessings of this time.  I pray that you, in the years ahead, may also feel this.