Inner Life Coach

Inner Life Coach

Imagine walking together as Marggie leads you towards new self-awareness in your spiritual “Becoming”.

As an Inner Life Coach Marggie will work with you in private, online sessions, using meditation, breathwork, imagery and other tools to help you touch on your ever deepening self. Your own spirit leads as you gently open within. Silent journaling allows your guidance to flow freely as you view your own life and choices from a new perspective.

We will discuss your words as you choose to share them, knowing that giving voice to our guidance helps to capture it and bring it into being in our lives.

Your walk inward is a sacred journey that you will embark on at your own pace. Joy, wholeness, and reverence is the outcome.

Speaking Engagements

I welcome the chance to discuss your group’s need for information or discussion about the many issues of End of Life. I offer speaking in person or through virtual platforms.

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