The Wonder of the UP

Mont Ripley

The Wonder of the UP

The fun of winter along Lake Superior while connecting with friends and students

Last week we returned to Houghton MI; our first visit with the freedom to simply enjoy  and experience the area . Of course we drove past our recently sold home, and were pleased to see that it is well cared for. Memories of our time there became part of our conversation throughout our stay.

I had the pleasure of addressing the senior nursing students at Finlandia University They are beginning their semester in Community Health Nursing and were eager participants in the discussion of hospice care, death and dying, and integrative medicine. I found them filled with knowledge and the hunger to learn. It was a truly enjoyable presentation. I also was honored to find Sally: A Memoir featured at Northwinds Books 

We spent the remainder of our afternoon along icy Lake Superior at the Keweenaw Peninsula’s north shore. Each year the lake holds a new image; this year large icebergs often obscured the chilly water beyond. We had the highway to ourselves for most of our drive, adding to the area’s remote feel. Later, the return to friendship and community at our favorite restaurant rekindled what is best about that area.

We spent an additional day downhill skiing as we travelled towards home in WI. The weather and ski conditions were perfect at Brule and we hope to go back again later this year. As with most places in the UP, we found that each staff member at the ski hill was filled with warmth and natural customer service. Something that must be experienced to understand. It was an incredible few days….and hard to get back to “regular life”!