Bailey's Harbor Seasons

Inching towards spring

I love winter, yet it has begun to really lose its charisma. Each year, the long days of February and March urge me towards the outer life once again. This year is no different, I am beginning to look avidly for signs that I will again be outdoors more than indoors.

I was in Bailey’s Harbor yesterday, and took this picture along the bay. So beautiful, and I can see the sky changing into a more softer look. I see wildlife again more active in our yard, and in some protected areas, there is again the look of life running through the veins of the sumac.

Each change of season is at first mourned by me, since I love them all. Yet the promise of the new rhythm that each holds takes over with time, and I naturally envelope myself in it. Living in Door County allows a lifestyle filled with the beauty of nature and easy access to enjoy it.