Winter’s Wonder

IMG_1166Winter’s Wonder

Door County’s Natural Beauty

Our winter temperatures have varied greatly these past weeks.  Following many days of unusually warm, damp and foggy weather, they plummeted into subzero wind chills just after the holidays.  This week, our days have become brilliantly sunny, and more normal temperatures have returned. Perfect to enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Door County, where I live.

After spending yesterday morning writing, I happily pulled on my boots and bundled into my ski jacket and hat.  My husband and I drove to nearby Peninsula State Park and hiked through one of the wooded trails.  Winter has changed this landscape; the view from deep within the forest still provides views of the snow covered waters.  We found other kindred spirits along our path, many with snow shoes to allow leaving the path.  It was an invigorating hike, and I felt the knots of life gently falling away as nature’s beauty took its hold.

I was surprised, though, by the sting on my cheeks from the chill.  Our walk back to the car was at a faster pace, and my thoughts turned towards a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa.  Next time I will bring a scarf to shield my face…and today’s plan to use the rowing machine in the comfort or our home seems more welcome than usual!