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Sally: A Memoir

By Marggie Moertl | March 12, 2015

  Sally: A Memoir My mother’s story….my journey It was just a year ago that I was editing my book,  and preparing to publish. This year has found me taking steps that are new, finding steady ground as I gradually moved from my life as I knew it then, to the life of my soul’s…

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Journaling to Peace

By Marggie Moertl | March 6, 2015

Journaling to Peace Meditation through the written word I have sought solitude and peace with my journal each morning for many years. My notebooks fill many shelves in my home; I rarely return to reread any portion of them yet I savor them as I would precious memories of time spent with loved ones. I…

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By Marggie Moertl | February 27, 2015

 Seasons Inching towards spring I love winter, yet it has begun to really lose its charisma. Each year, the long days of February and March urge me towards the outer life once again. This year is no different, I am beginning to look avidly for signs that I will again be outdoors more than indoors.…

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The Art of Surrender

By Marggie Moertl | February 20, 2015

The Art of Surrender Facing my resistance….again Why is surrendering my control so very difficult at times? I have found the past few weeks spiritually painful as I lost my openness and flow. I knew that it was there, that I was in process and that it would again return. I had an incredible energy…

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End-of-Life Doulas

By Marggie Moertl | February 13, 2015

End-of-Life Doulas Companions throughout terminal illness This week I was honored to speak with two Registered Nurses in other areas of the country that provide end-of-life support in addition to training/certification as End-of-Life Doulas.  This title echoes the care that most people are familiar with throughout pregnancy and the start of life; a perfect description of the…

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The Wonder of the UP

By Marggie Moertl | February 2, 2015

The Wonder of the UP The fun of winter along Lake Superior while connecting with friends and students Last week we returned to Houghton MI; our first visit with the freedom to simply enjoy  and experience the area . Of course we drove past our recently sold home, and were pleased to see that it is…

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UP Bound

By Marggie Moertl | January 21, 2015

UP Bound Heading to Houghton/Hancock The past two years here in Door County, WI, have been both extremely busy as well as transformative.  Finally, this past spring, we began to feel settled in our new home, and to put down roots.  Our home in the UP sold, which freed us from the responsibility for it’s upkeep…

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Winter’s Wonder

By Marggie Moertl | January 14, 2015

Winter’s Wonder Door County’s Natural Beauty Our winter temperatures have varied greatly these past weeks.  Following many days of unusually warm, damp and foggy weather, they plummeted into subzero wind chills just after the holidays.  This week, our days have become brilliantly sunny, and more normal temperatures have returned. Perfect to enjoy the incredible natural beauty of…

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Our Touch, Our Light

By Marggie Moertl | January 7, 2015

Our Touch, Our Light Love through touch I have been away from my hospice nursing job for several weeks, since I changed my status to working less regularly.  It’s been a transformative few weeks, and I look forward to focusing on my end-of-life consultation more fully. But I did work this last weekend, venturing out to…

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As We Begin This New Year

By Marggie Moertl | January 1, 2015

As we begin this new year Loss and grief at the holidays The holiday season is coming to a close.  As we begin our new year, many people feel relief to return to their own lives and schedules.  These weeks of family and friends, festivities and excessive food and drink makes our usual lives feel…

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