Compassionate Guide

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Compassionate Guide

Offering support, knowledge, and depth of spirit to those nearing the end of life

In my work as an End of Life Consultant, I offer my services as a Compassionate Guide to those nearing the end of their life. My role is one of deep listening to the needs and desires of the patient, helping to create the environment that is uniquely right for this person to promote peace. Whether the patient feels more comfortable with visitors, music, facing a window viewing nature, and many other areas are discussed. I work with the family to help to arrange these things to create the environment that is most conducive to the patient’s ability to go within as needed at this time of life.

I also use my spiritual healing awareness to create sacred space, holding the patient and family in this loving energy. This naturally promotes peace to all present. The caregivers find their anxiety lessened, the patient feels the safety to delve deeper into the transition to the next reality, and a peaceful cohesiveness is experienced by all. The patient is encouraged and assisted in the inner work of dying, and the family is lead to better understand this necessary process.

I personally find great joy in this work, and am blessed to share these parts of myself with these patients and families. This service is an adjunct to their hospice care, and provides the additional support and teaching about the medical plan of care as well as the spiritual experience that helps carry them more gently and easily.