Starting the Conversation…About What?

Hospice and EOLC Presentation

Starting the Conversation…About What?

End of life discussions are very individual

Last week I participated in an end of life program in Sturgeon Bay. The room was filled with people of all ages, each seeking the information that was especially important to them. The morning’s presenters covered topics related to legal preparations, funeral arrangements, necessary medical documents, and medical considerations to discuss with your physician. The audience was engaged as these experts raised many areas for each to consider.

We spent the afternoon discussing hospice care, the inner work of dying, and the deep spiritual considerations that those facing their end of life frequently discuss. The audience was contemplative, filled with emotion and introspective as they considered facing these times in their own lives.

After it the day ended, I reflected on all of the issues that were addressed, and spent a long time processing it all. In truth, there is no limit to what my own discussion needs to be with my family. While I have frequently broached these topics with my husband and children, this seminar raised even more areas that could and should be considered. I am grateful for the comfort and actual passion that I have for the end of life, yet I am far from immune from the discomfort that I feel when I go ever deeper in this discussion. And I realize that the parts that make me squirm are the ones that I have not attended to in as much detail as I might. More food for thought…..and more work to do!