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New Beginnings and New Focus in 2022!

By Marggie Moertl | January 6, 2022

A New Name & New Focus in 2022!

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Winter Solstice Circle

By Marggie Moertl | December 5, 2021

Gather with others as we usher in the Winter Solstice using meditation and reflective writing. Join together to usher in this important event as our North American world honors this celebration of darkness through meditation, sharing the symbolism of this date, and using reflective writing to set our personal and collective intentions. No writing experience…

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Contemplative Prayer Circle

By Marggie Moertl | November 5, 2021

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Gratitude: A Powerful Vibrational Tool

By Marggie Moertl | October 14, 2021

November is the month that we all pause to consider areas of our lives to be grateful for. As family’s historically have gathered around holiday tables to give thanks, images of beauty and simplicity naturally arise. This year let’s join together to consider gratitude as the spiritual tool that it is. We will explore how…

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Podcast Interview: Death Doulas, Supporting Families During a Loved One’s Final Days

By Marggie Moertl | May 26, 2021  

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Our Spiritual Connection to Animals: An Online Reflective Writing Workshop

By Marggie Moertl | April 23, 2021

  Animals bring their powerful spirits into our world. This workshop will explore how our connection to them expands our connection to life. Our natural connection to the beauty of nature includes the breathtaking effect of viewing animals in their environment. In this workshop, we will explore the immediate effect that these awesome creatures create…

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A Shared Vision for a Positive End of Life Experience

By Marggie Moertl | January 21, 2021

 Blog published by Written by Marggie Hatala, RN, CEOLD 1/15/2021 I opened my emails as I began my day. I noticed an unfamiliar email address, and quickly scanned it to find a community member reaching out, looking for guidance about how to navigate the difficult waters of her mother’s terminal disease. Not asking for…

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Midday with Marggie and Dave: A Free Monthly Webinar

By Marggie Moertl | January 21, 2021 Join our monthly, online webinar and enjoy timely information with action points to help us move towards health and wellness. Each webinar is free, and offered online at 11AM CST. January 19th  Exercise as Medicine February 16th Introduction to Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction March 16th Taking a Deeper Dive into Stress Management April 20th…

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Marggie Hatala, Life Doula, Podcast Interview

By Marggie Moertl | January 6, 2021

As Marggie Hatala began her independent work with those facing serious illness and end of life, she began as an “End of Life Consultant”. Listen to this 2015 podcast interview by Going Home with Tony, to better understand the very sacred and meaningful work she offers.  

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Private Writing Circle Subscriptions

By Marggie Moertl | January 2, 2021

Engage 4-6 friends, coworkers, or members of your church family to create your private monthly  online writing circle Subscriptions are now available for private groups that will form deep bonds through self-exploration in the safety of your circle Groups are led by Marggie Hatala, Author, Inner Life Coach, Life Doula using meditation, breath work, and…

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