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Marggie Hatala, Life Doula, Podcast Interview

By Marggie Moertl | January 6, 2021

As Marggie Hatala began her independent work with those facing serious illness and end of life, she began as an “End of Life Consultant”. Listen to this 2015 podcast interview by Going Home with Tony, to better understand the very sacred and meaningful work she offers.  

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Private Writing Circle Subscriptions

By Marggie Moertl | January 2, 2021

Engage 4-6 friends, coworkers, or members of your church family to create your private monthly  online writing circle Subscriptions are now available for private groups that will form deep bonds through self-exploration in the safety of your circle Groups are led by Marggie Hatala, Author, Inner Life Coach, Life Doula using meditation, breath work, and…

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Let’s Talk About Issues During Our Final Chapter

By Marggie Moertl | January 2, 2021


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By Marggie Moertl | November 13, 2020

Life Doula Support Reduces Intensity and Anxiety for Families The following content appeared in the Press Times’ Wise Living column on Friday, October 30. The Press Times is a Green Bay area publication that runs weekly. Visit their website at Dear Wise Living, My mother has been chronically ill with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) for…

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Doulagivers of Door County WI Has a New Name!

By Marggie Moertl | July 30, 2020

I’m excited to announce that Doulagivers of Door County WI is no longer…..but the services continue!

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The Voice Within Us

The Voice Within Us

By Marggie Moertl | March 10, 2020

Hearing the words Inner Life evokes our own personal image of what that means. For each of us this image is unique and a composite of our upbringing, life experiences, culture, even our own personality. Our Inner Life is our spirit…our uniqueness….our connection to more than our body and outer life. Our Inner life is…

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Walking Through Aging into End of Life:
The Support that a Life Doula Offers

By Marggie Moertl | January 11, 2020

Don’t let the word doula throw you off, that is a term most people associate with the birthing process. Doulas have supported pregnant women for generations, sharing this very special part of life with the expectant mother, as they offer suggestions and reassurance, support them with knowledgeable guidance, and assist them through the labor and…

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What in the world is grace?

By Marggie Moertl | December 4, 2019

Merely speaking the word grace, I find myself breathing more deeply. I feel my focus settling inward rather than on the many concerns of my life. With these, peace bubbles up from somewhere beyond my conscious mind. Did I invite grace just by speaking its name? Or did I embrace what was already given but…

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Grieving from Loss to Transformation

By Marggie Moertl | November 5, 2019

Grief….I bet the first thing you think of is the death of someone close to you. Images of painful sorrow, struggling to adapt your life without this person, tears and difficulty moving on could flood your mind. While this is very often true, grief also wears many other faces and responses in our world. We…

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When is Reflective Writing a Healing Tool?

By Marggie Moertl | October 3, 2019

Keeping a journal has long been a coveted personal practice, those that have adopted this feel as though it is their special me time each day. There are many types of journals and suggested topics that create their own practices, such as a daily Joy Journal or a Gratitude Journal used to count the many…

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