Midday with Marggie and Dave: A Free Monthly Webinar



Join our monthly, online webinar and enjoy timely information with action points to help us move towards health and wellness. Each webinar is free, and offered online at 11AM CST.

  • January 19th  Exercise as Medicine
  • February 16th Introduction to Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
  • March 16th Taking a Deeper Dive into Stress Management
  • April 20th Brain Health
  • May 18th Creativity
  • June 15th Writing as a Healing Tool
  • July 20th Getting Ready for Elective Surgery
  • August 17th “I don’t need any help! Everything is fine!”
  • September 21st Fall Prevention
  • October 19th What is a Life Doula?
  • November 16th Palliative Care and Hospice: Dispelling the Myths
  • December 21st Home for the Holidays