The Voice Within Us

The Voice Within Us

Hearing the words Inner Life evokes our own personal image of what that means. For each of us this image is unique and a composite of our upbringing, life experiences, culture, even our own personality. Our Inner Life is our spirit…our uniqueness….our connection to more than our body and outer life. Our Inner life is the voice that whispers to us continually, the spark of life that helps to shape our choices and create our lives. Our Inner Life can be called our deepest self, our highest self, our divine self, and much more. Our Inner Life is our authentic self, voicing us into creation in this limited physical experience.

As an Inner Life Coach, I find myself in awe and reverence working with each person. This work is about connecting with this most sacred part of my clients, helping to first draw this into the client’s outer awareness and then to integrate this new awareness into the client’s being. These are the steps that take spirituality from a philosophy of living and make it real. Embracing the voice beyond ourselves takes time, commitment, and support as we grow aware of where and what we want to change. It takes time and commitment as we awaken and embark on our spiritual journey towards our purpose.

We all want to feel and live more fully in joy, peace, and serenity. These things come from knowing who we are at the depth of our being rather than focusing on our outer lives. In time, learning to engage with our deepest self and to view the world from this place is where we feel freed from the chaos and ego attachments of the outer world. We become softer, feel more compassion and empathy in place of competition and the need to ‘out do’ others. Our world changes, we learn to draw what we need and want for ourselves through intention rather than through aggressive goals and agendas. To walk with clients as they take the steps that are right for them is a true joy in my life. Using my years of spiritual practice using reflective writing, meditation, breathwork, and the depth of my spiritual presence through Reiki, I offer my clients the space to safely and gently engage within themselves. As a witness to their unfolding, I hold that space throughout our online meeting and then through my own daily prayer between our meetings. The sacred connection forms an energetic bond that continues to nourish and hold space for this unfolding during our ongoing walk together.

Since my work often includes those facing serious illness and grief from loss, I work with clients facing overwhelming emotions as they seek support while dealing with these issues. Using Reiki and other energetic tools, the power of these emotions can be eased and very gently accessed. The focus remains the same as we engage with their deepest self, but the need to hold energetic space is great so that their very powerful emotions can be affirmed, experienced, and released overtime. This requires a tender walk, one that maintains safe space, the beauty of the client’s experiences, and creates closure from this chapter of the client’s life. For each, this is unique walk, and always led by the client. Their great pain is eased through the unconditional love of the divine energy as it holds them in the safest and most nurturing place to begin this inner exploration. Grief is a very powerful place in our being and holds the possibility of great transformation. Yet that is the outcome rather than the focus;  honoring the experience, the loss, and the many changes that my clients are facing are the steps that are needed. Only through the deepest affirmation can the space for transformation be made. It is a true honor to me to walk through this time with clients.

I meet with clients online, allowing us to connect in the safety and privacy of our own homes. Our meetings are spaced at the client’s desire and are available as single sessions or as a package. We establish our intention for each meeting, do meditation and breathwork, and then begin to walk into what comes forward each time. This allows the sacred to lead the session, and the energy of unconditional love to be experienced. Each session holds its own outcome, and the client often leaves in tears as a new awareness is felt and held in honor. I am always available by email between sessions to discuss changes that come up between our meetings.

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