Shifting into the New Year


Shifting into the New Year

Feeling the pull to new awareness as our year cycles

I have taken this year to allow old patterns to melt away, while awaiting the birth of the new into my life. It’s been a transformative time for me, and I’ve allowed myself the quiet and privacy to embrace the deep release and the many changes. As our winter solstice approaches, and our full moon shines above me in the dark sky, I feel the rebirth throughout me and its form in my life.

I am emerging from my cocoon of privacy and ready to venture out through my writing and teaching. I feel firm footing beneath me, yet I am ready to allow life to unfold into the right steps. For me, for our community, for our world. This past year has shown me the limitations that were guiding my life, and I want only a trusting walk ahead. Gratefully, I am surrounded by the support of loving relationships and a deep spiritual connection that will allow this.

I look ahead to the new year about to dawn, with awareness and trepidation. Our world is in a massive shift, one that I am here to share myself fully to assist. I trust only in the higher view of transformation, and am ready to remain present to this as we collectively hold the space for the highest good. I will walk with others of like mind, deeply grounded and fully alive.