Maintaining Inner Peace


Maintaining Inner Peace

A hectic time in my life draws me ever more deeply within

I just returned from a long awaited and cherished time out west with my family. It was a true whirlwind trip, lots of travel in a short period combined with a very busy time of year for all of us. I am so glad that I took the time, made the trip, and indulged in family and reconnecting. I needed this so badly, my heart now feels renewed.

Yet returning home meant catching up on my writing and other work as well as the usual unpacking and laundry. I find that it is my writing that has become my guide. Yesterday, I set aside several hours to begin planning the journaling workshops that I am about to hold. While getting myself wrapped around this work took some inner motivating, once I opened to previous class notes and began to search for the meditative prompts that I will use I found myself centering. And as the vibrational toning music played while I worked, the tension and feelings of demand seemed to slip away. I felt myself leaving the stress and worry somewhere else, and returning to the moment completely. When my husband came home from work, I was ready to discuss our time away and our  day. I was eager to work outside on our knee deep leaf clearing until it became dark. And to savor my life, my family, and my work.

This is why I feel such passion for sharing my workshops. I find that journaling as a meditative tool my most sacred daily ritual for combining my life in this world with the peace and serenity of my eternal self. I encourage everyone to try this, and to check out my workshops if you are able to join us.