Living Inside Out: Changes


Living Inside Out: Changes

The world appears radiant from within

I have had a busy summer. One filled with great personal changes which were the outcome of deep inner focus throughout this calendar year. I began this year of 2016 declaring it is the year to live from my magnificence. I believe that continues to open and manifest, yet from the outer picture it has not appeared as such.

I committed to writing my second book this year and am joyfully doing just that. But making this choice was from a deep stirring within me as a writer rather than as a caretaker. This was not clear. Certainly, caretaking has been my professional focus throughout my lifetime, with my creative self always pulling and tugging for focus. Over the years I have chosen one over the other, always to return to the latter. It has been a cycle that has finally ended. I believe that my inner focus and deep commitment to listening to my guidance was in keeping with the shifts in our world’s consciousness these months. And I have been blessed with the outer changes in my life that are the result of my patience and perseverance.

This summer has provided the structure in my work life which is allowing me to have long periods of time to write and enjoy. It has provided a work focus that is about words, writers, and feeds my love of reading totally. It has blessed me with a new circle of support and friendship while I focus on healing through my written and spoken word rather than individual caring for others.

I am including a blog that I wrote a year ago. It was the start of my soul searching that helped to shape these wonderful changes in my life.

There are many buzz words out there these days, all about living abundantly and in the world as we manifest it. I think that’s great….or maybe I do. The words entice all of us to live with greater joy, something that lifts our spirits and our vibration. All good, and we begin the journey to a reality other than the “old tapes” we all lived from before. Great so far!!!  But I truly struggle with the focus remaining on the outer world through this all….that somehow it is to get the life we want rather than the life we were born to live. Our soul’s purpose.

Perhaps it is my own narrow vision that misses this soul purpose in these inspirational and motivational prompts. They do move people to seek the world from a new perspective yet I never hear surrender, receive, or the words that come from deep within me. As I live ever more fully from inner guidance, I find that letting go, living my life fully each moment with gratitude and joy, and allowing life to present itself to me is the path that I am guided along. And while I do set my intention clearly each day, it is with the grounded alignment that I will receive what is intended rather than personal goals rooted in outer achievement.

It’s probably all the same….most likely we are all reacting to the same impulses in different ways. Yet it strikes me that there is a big difference: life in the outer world, using the inner to make it happen vs life from the inner world, watching our outer world transform.