photo 4Changes

Moving towards greater self-expression

I have been in the midst of a major shift in my work life. These changes are finally in place, but began many months ago as I felt the stirrings of moving from the places and people that were the focus of my work towards a new direction. These choices were not easy, and with all moves, I had many ups and downs, ins and outs, back and forth as I finalized what and where the focus of my work needed to be.

Gratefully, it is behind me. I started writing my second book during last winter, but found that the use of my time prevented any solid writing time. And beyond that, my involvement kept my mind occupied with the concerns of others well past my time spent with them. While none of this was incorrect, it no longer was congruent with my overwhelming need to write this book. And now finally, these relationships have eased, I have started a great job that feeds my writing soul while allowing me to go home and put my mind on other things. Whew…it’s been quite a six months!

My book now is starting to flow out of me but it is still “in the womb” and not ready to be shared. Yet that will soon change. I’m excited to write Life As A Prayer, and will soon be ready to welcome my writing group’s input, as well as shout about it  to the world! It’s a great time in my life, and I am very grateful.