Spiritual Support and Mentors

Spiritual Support and Mentors

Our need for others along our path to hold us when our light diminishes


Holding ourselves open and alive feels really great and our radiance glows easily….until we hit an old belief or issue within ourselves. And suddenly our inner beauty first dims to our awareness, and soon to others as well.

We all go through this, it is the process of being conscious. Yet without friends and mentors that are also committed to a similar walk through life, we lose days, weeks, or longer as we recover from these times. It is hard. Very hard.

I have many friends that hold me accountable, and I am grateful each time their honesty nudges me back towards my own light. When I have faltered, and those old tapes are blaring loudly within me, it is these friends and mentors that love me back towards my own path.

Today I thank each of you. Today I pray that each of you reaches out for these loving others in your life. Today I pray that we each surround ourselves in community so that our light shines ever brightly in our world. Our world needs us…all of us.