The key to dissolving stress

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I was invited to speak at the Senior Breakfast in Southern Door County yesterday. It proved to be a delightful experience, especially so since the speaker that presented first introduced the audience to the beauty of simple exercise.  The entire group was energized, excited, and glowing. It truly was a tough act to follow.  But added to my concern was the topic that I had come to present:  how to make 2016 the year to develop a meaningful life.  I laughingly shared that now they were all excited, I am here to quiet everyone down!

And quiet they did, but I was given their rapt attention as I talked about what I have learned from those facing terminal illness, my greatest teachers about life itself. Having our lives affirmed, knowing that our lives held meaning is paramount to a peaceful death, and an easy transition to the next life. I discussed some of the many ways to turn towards that awareness long before we face our final days. And as we start this new year, why not begin assuring that right now?  Why not turn and resolve to make one singe change: to make acceptance our focus?

Acceptance of ourselves, our relationships, our life circumstances, and every aspect of our world is much easier said than done. Yet in committing to taking responsibility for it all causes a shift in our health, wellbeing, happiness, and contentment.  This is the inner coaching that I walk with my clients through, whether they are facing terminal illness or those desiring greater contentment at any phase of life. And it is a fun, exciting, and joyful walk as the changes in clients lives are immediate.

I hope that everyone will make that change this year…..I know that I am committed to it!