Inner Life Coaching


Inner Life Coaching

Leading towards a life lived from the “inside out”

Our eternal selves look at our life lived here in this lifetime as a journey; one without description as good or bad, happy or sad, and all the other adjectives that we attach to the experiences we have. As I’ve learned to see through these eyes, my life continues to unfold in rich ways, and my choices have become wrapped in the focus of my soul’s purpose.

This requires my commitment and the support of others in my life. It includes daily rituals that I use to help align and ground myself. It requires that my lifestyle continues to meld into activities that support this. And  it takes a steady stream of reminders from those around me to see my perceived disappointments or failures as merely stepping stones designed to urge me on this path that is right for me. As I grow and embrace this ever more fully each year, my joy and happiness glows from within me. Gratefully our world’s consciousness is catapulting towards the language and perception that embraces this, yet other’s encouragement and gentle prods are welcomed as the true connection that they are.

I offer individual mentoring for this soul work. My approach includes my spiritual healing background to help awaken this, incorporating tools that help us to develop and strengthen this awareness, and the community of other like minded people for support.  Sharing this journey with others brings joy to me as our soul’s connect in deep ways. It is an incredible journey!

Please visit my webpage that outlines my work for more detail.