The Rythm of Fall


The Rythm of Fall

Responding to the energy of this season

It was an incredibly beautiful fall afternoon here in Door County WI yesterday. Aware that gale force winds and rain were predicted last night, I seized the chance to spend hours outdoors in our beautiful yard. Our many hostas and lilies have begun to show that their growing season is past, and I enjoyed pulling old yellowed leaves while preparing the plant for the winter ahead.

I realized as I did, that I was silently blessing each. Instinctively I welcomed their life force back inside, deep into our earth. I heard my mind encouraging a restful time of renewal as they lay dormant for the months ahead. Hearing myself this way, I reflected on  my own response to each season and how I care for this yard that I love.

I am joyful in the early spring, with it’s first sense of earth in my fingers after months of frozen ground and snow. I feel alive when this time comes, and eagerly open these plants to the growing season that is ahead. I clear old leaves, do the pruning of bushes that will help encourage and shape them, carefully assure that the soil is nourished and ready. Yet as the warm months proceed, my nurturing moves aside. I assure that they are watered and pruned, but my own interest is not as acute until this time returns each fall. Then I spend hours outdoors lovingly caring for them, nurturing and blessing them once again.

I have long ago stopped trying to be any different, as the wisdom and acceptance of my age has allowed. Yet yesterday created an epiphany; I became aware that this very pattern is in full accord with my work in the world. It is about the life force awakening, later turning within, and ultimately leaving this physical reality. It was a comforting awareness, another affirmation that we all are who we are. And that I, and everyone else, is made perfectly suited for our soul’s work. Namaste.