Holding Sacred Space


Holding Sacred Space

Remaining present to others allows deep emotional connection

 In my work with those facing serious illness or transition from this world, holding my presence with the deepest love allows a connection that is transcendent. Providing unconditional love to whomever I am meeting with, and maintaining the place without ego or self, brings forward the truth of our beings. It is a palpable presence; it is an experience of total acceptance of our most core feelings, and it creates a bond that is most difficult to describe.

Many times over the years I have talked with cancer patients dealing with the life changes caused by chemotherapy, but also facing the inherent fears that their body has somehow betrayed them. Holding sacred space while sharing with them, often brought out their deepest fears and honest plea to God as they traveled the path towards true surrender. These moments pass, but the deep connection that I felt with them continues. It is a kinship of a life shared in eternity rather than here in this reality. And one that I cherish and nurture throughout the years.

Those clients nearing their transition from life in their body, naturally pass from outward awareness towards their inner self. I am blessed to share this time with them and their loved ones. The same sacred space creates an awareness of the enormous outpouring of divine love that is present. This time is filled with such unconditional love and help for the client’s transition that it brings joy to me. As we pass from this world, we are supported and assisted so completely by those already beyond that holding sacred space is natural to all. It is an honor to be present, to be invited into this most intimate time with the family, and to assist as they share memories and their love for the client. It truly is a time of peaceful, joyous birthing into the next life.