Conscious Dying

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Conscious Dying

Planning our care as we need and want it at our end of life

I learned of the passing of Wayne Dyer, a spiritual mentor and role model for myself and many others, last week. I had read about his illness, his treatment choices, and now his passing…all done in the manner that he chose. I find it comforting that he was able to mentor those of us that he inspired, even as he approached his transition from this world. He lived as he believed, he taught through his living.

In my work as an End of Life Consultant, I help to guide conversations about our own choices. This often proves to be an emotionally laden discussion, but one that brings great relief and intimacy as it unfolds. When we can talk openly about our needs for the type of physical caring that supports us, about creating the environment that is most helpful to us when we are ill, and the ways that we wish to pass from this world, something very profound is felt by all.

I am grateful to have this emulated so simply by Wayne’s lifestyle choices as he approached his transition from this world. While I rely on the media to provide this glimpse into his life, I am grateful for his mentoring through his living…..and through his passing from this life to the next.