Let’s Start the Conversation….Within

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Let’s Start the Conversation…Within

While discussing our end of life wishes, lets start a discussion with the sacred within us

I am excited to be presenting to a group of residents at Pinecrest Village in Sturgeon Bay, WI today. I have spent a lot of time considering what to say to this predominantly elderly group. What can I tell them about facing their mortality? Rather, I’m sure they can just as easily lead me on this discussion. I have found that at we all age, the acceptance of death as a natural part of living gets easier with each loss in our lives.

I was invited to address this group because I offer a different focus than just preparing for our end wishes. My focus is to spend our days while we are here aware that they are limited (as they are for everyone at any age) so that we can become more fully alive.

I look forward to an interactive discusssion; and I hope that there will be lively sharing about the disciplines each of us has developed to focus on the transcendant in our lives. In that way, we spend those minutes alive, expanded, and connected with all that is. It really is simple, it just takes focus and practice!