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Viewing others through eyes of oneness

My life has been filled with much learning, both harsh and loving.  But in the end, it all has lead me to an ever opening heart.  And as I embrace my world with this deepening connection, my perception includes ever growing compassion for others in my life.

My personal life includes relationships with some that are currently struggling to find their footing, their next step along the way.  Writing of our individual journey, of listening to that inner voice sounds so encouraging to us all.  it is what we all must do, and our souls long for this.  But listening and taking these steps in a society that is defined by appearances and belief in outer security and stability, can be disabling.  And this can create patterns  for some that makes it appear they are sliding downward rather than inward.

Often the advice in our world includes being tough; using tough love; demanding personal responsibility in an effort to change the relationship.  Yet what is really needed is compassionate boundaries, those that are permeated with love and support.  And this is only possible when each of us holds our own sacred space. As I’ve learned to connect with my own self and open to guidance within, I continue to grow ever more able to hold this and allow the other to find the light for themselves.  This is very different than the world’s popular definition of enabling/enabler which is filled with judgment and isolation. Sacred space is filled with love for myself and divine respect for the other.

As I take my own leap of faith with security and stability in my life right now, I pray for those I know that are deeply struggling through these issues.  I want you to know that your path intersects with mine, I cherish you in my life, and I hold the space for light in both of our lives.  Let it shine!