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Guiding my steps

I had a long talk recently with a friend as she struggled with her intuition.  It caused me to stop and think; and to define what I consider intuition and its purpose in our lives.

So often I hear this innate gift described as something to guide us.  Yes it is that!  But to guide us where?  How?  It seems that many believe that if we are guided we will somehow glide above life, to avoid the bumps and bruises that life entails.  I do not believe that.  In fact, my intuition is a deep knowing.  A silent voice within me.  One that prepares me, cautions me, absolutely guides my steps.  It allows me to be prepared for life as it is; many times to make choices that will bring me much joy.  Other times I am guided to go in a direction that will bring struggle and seeming chaos; yet these very struggles allow me to touch on deeply held beliefs, memories, and emotions.  And to then acknowledge them and to release them.

I told my friend that in my world, intuition and insight, words and choices that arise from the divine within me always arrive in the positive.  While the outcome may appear undesirable, I am prepared and know that I am held tightly and never need to face it alone.  Fears, unconscious needs create the sense of intuition that gnaws at us obsessively.  While these also play their role in our spiritual unfolding, I see them as from our own human journey rather than guidance from the divine.

Intuition is our innate barometer, our guide through this life.  To help us be more, to embrace life as it comes rather than from our own script.  And to relish the deep connection to all that this creates.